Welcome to Mythica Clinical Skin Care and Cosmetics We are pleased to have you as our custumer. There are several concepts we’d like to share with you. Your beauty is our success. What matters most to us is that you like who you are! Mythica Clinical Skin Care and Cosmetics is one of the most progressive and innovative companies, particularly in the area of skin care treatment. Because of our unique background in the medical marketplace, we have taken a basic dermatology learning curve and amplified it, with renowned success. To the benefit of our patients Roots One of the most exciting features of Mythica is our evolution. Mythica Clinical Skin Care and Cosmetics has its origins in a Medical research and Development. Mythica Clinical Skin Care and Cosmetics is networked into an ever increasing panel of medical institutions. Mythica on Science: Our products are exclusively manufactured by highly acclaimed laboratories that combine science with state of the art ingredients and delivery systems. Our Mythica research team gives the consumer the best possible products for their money. Mythica on Claims: If you like it – Use it and love it. If you don’t – return it for a full refund. Mythica on animal testing: No way! (Not on my watch) Mythica on life: Embrace the child within you Dare to find the hero inside you Question the impossible Believe in magic Color outside the lines Be creative Kiss the ones you love Believe in the magic of soul mates Dare to be you Mythica the meaning behind the words: A collection of myths belonging to the people about their origin. A celebration of true beauty… A celebration of life... A celebration to the hero inside each one of us. A celebration of true beauty Susana de la Parra Founder/CEO Site Under Construction:

Friday, September 3, 2010


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